Marszalek Media provides various services such as web design, videography, developing channels for the Roku, to editing photos and video. Please check out my Web and Media services.

About Me

Joseph Marszalek
I have worked in technology for over twenty years. In that time my side interest has been working with graphics and video on various projects ranging from videography for seminars, editing and archiving photos, interviews, wedding videography and web design. I created Marszalek Media LLC to further pursue my passion for creativity with video and graphics on a higher level.
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Recent Posts

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    Andrew Kramer – 2014 AE World Keynote
    Andrew Kramer offered the keynote at this years AfterEffects World.  It was entertaining and inspiring.  If you are remotely interested in special effects...
  • ROKU
    Jack Van Impe Roku Channel
    This past week I created an unofficial private Roku channel for the Jack Van Impe Presents show. You can watch the past six...
  • ROKU
    Perry Stone Roku Channel
    I am a regular viewer of Perry Stone’s Manna-Fest program and typically cannot watch it at the same time its on our local...


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